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Tinker Crate January 2021 Review Glowing Pendulum + Coupon

We really enjoyed reviewing the January 2021 Tinker Crate. It was so satisfying to watch my 9-year old son work through and finish this Glowing Pendulum project from TinkerCrate. He was so proud of it and plays with this pendulum a lot! I just love how TinkerCrate gets my son excited about building a new contraption each month, while also including STEM-concepts at the same time! Tinker Crate also gives parents a fun way to have quality time with our children… and I’m grateful for that!

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Tinker Crate December 2020 Review “Air Cannon” + Coupon

My 9-year old son had so much fun building and playing with Tinker Crate’s Air Cannons and Target Board. He loved playing the mini games against me and his siblings. I love that he learns about STEM concepts, and has something to occupy his time – which is so much more important now that we are home so much. He looks forward to getting a new Tinker Crate each month! 

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