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8 Best Slime Subscription Boxes for Kids

8 best slime subscription boxes for kids (Custom)

Making and playing with slime is a highly popular kids activity – and now you can get it delivered to your door monthly!

Slime is both art and therapeutic for kids – a squishy, sensory experience where kids can make their own slime using borax, glue, water, and food coloring.

A slime subscription is perfect if you have the slime obsessed child, or if you've tried you're own DIY slime and failed. Trust me – we've tried and failed many times!

Let's jump into the our listing of the best slime subscription boxes for kids.

8 Best Slime Subscription Boxes for Kids

Here are the best slime subscription boxes that your kids will love getting each month:

1. Slime Box


How much it costs: starts at $13 / month

What you get: Each month, you'll get a themed box which contains a wide variety of slime to play with. Your monthly delivery will include 4-6 hand-crafted slime items that are kid-friendly and approved by moms.

Buy it: Get a Slime Box Subscription.

2. Kawaii Slime Company


How much it costs: $26.99 / month, or as low as $25 / month for a 12-month subscription.

What you get: You'll get one Kawaii Slime Company designed slime and 1 undesigned slime that you can embellish with included slime supplies. You'll also get 2 Kawaii toys. You'll get a box that's $45+ in value!

Buy it: Get a Kawaii Slime Company subscription.

3. Slime Box Club


How much it costs: $29.99 per month.

What you get: Each month, you'll get three themed slime containers with different colors, scents, gemstones and mixing utensils. This slime is kid-friendly: it's non-toxic and doesn't contain borax. This slime is made in the USA.

Buy it: Get a Slime Box Club subscription.

4. Slimelily Slimes


How much it costs: $12.50 / month.

What you get: Each month, you'll get a box filled with a variety of slime and themed items plus extras like squishies and novelty toys, slime recipes to try out, and super fun add-ins like foam beads, fishbowl beads, and jelly cubes.

Buy it: Get Slimelily Slimes here.

5. Kyoki's Slime


How much it costs: $10 a month.

What you get: You'll get a monthly themed box with a slime care-sheet, a packet of borax, and extras (candy, squishies, charms). Past slimes have included Floam, Butter Slime, Cloud Slime, Icee Slime, Jelly Cube Slime…and more!

Buy it: Join here.

6. Mr. E's Super Slime Club


How much it costs: $28.99 / month or as low as $24.99 / month.

What you get: You'll all the supplies you need to make NO FAIL slime recipes for 3+ large batches of slime. Supplies include 3+ bottles of Elmer's glue, borax free activator, airtight containers, mixing supplies, numerous mix-ins to make loads of slime.

Buy it: Get it here.

7. BostonSlimeCo


How much it costs: $28 per month.

What you get: Every month, you'll get a themed box with an 8 oz slime and two 4 oz slimes. Extras are included like like a squishy, floam beads, glitter, and candy.

Buy it: Get it here.

8. Nat's Slime Factory


How much it costs: $10/month for the basic box, $20/month for the premium box.

What you get: With the basic box, you'll get 6 oz jar of slime and a surprise gift geared towards slime lovers. The premium box includes two 6 oz jars of slime and a surprise gift geared towards the slime enthusiast.

Buy it: Get it here.

Thanks for reading and we hope you find the best slime subscription box for your kids!

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