nadine west august 2022 review 20 off coupon

Nadine West August 2022 Review + $20 Off Coupon

I got a few items in my Nadine West August 2022 shipment. My favorite was the Zenana Cathalia Top in Navy, which is a stylish and versatile piece that is perfect for dressing up or down. The Zenana Kassandra Top in black is a nice, basic shirt but was too big for me, although it can be styled many different ways. The Fina Pants in Denim and the Winnie Pants in Denim were both comfortable, too. The Marilyn Dress in Black is well-made but didn’t match my style, unfortunately. The Sheila Rose Silver Lariat Necklace is a great way to dress up any outfit. Overall, My Nadine West August shipment had some versatile and stylish pieces, but I’m hoping my next bag will be a bit better!

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Nadine West July 2022 Review + Coupon

My Nadine West July 2022 bag had some hits and some misses. The pieces are all high quality and very flattering, but some of the sizing was a bit off for me. My favorite piece was the Sheila Rose Relaxed Button Top in Black and the Sheila Rose Roisin Silver Necklace. I really loved the style of the Vhia Dress in Olive Stripe – it’s so pretty and unique. The only downside is that the elastic waist was a bit too tight for me, so I would recommend sizing up if you’re interested in this dress. Shopping with Nadine West is super easy, and return shipping is always free!

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Nadine West June 2022 Review + $20 Off Coupon

Overall, I was impressed with the quality and style of the clothing from Nadine West. The joggers and jeggings were especially comfortable, and the A-line dress was a flattering fit. The earrings and necklace were also nice pieces that could be dressed up or down. The only downside is that some of the clothing ran a bit long on me, but overall I was pleased with the style of items that I got. I think I’ll go in and update my sizing preferences on Nadine West’s website so I can get pants that fit me!

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nadine west may 2022 review 20 off free shipping coupon

Nadine West May 2022 Review + $20 Off + Free Shipping Coupon

My Nadine West May 2022 Bag featured a variety of items that are perfect for summer. The Excelsia Tunic Top is a great choice for a casual, yet stylish look, while the Luella Top in Blush is perfect for a night out. The ShoSho Lounge Harleen Jogger in Firebrick is a great choice for warm weather, and the Shane Pants Career Treggings are perfect for workwear. The Yelete Claudia A-Line Dress in Gray is also a great option for work or a nice dinner. Finally, the Remember Me Silver Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry with an antique style. Overall, these items are all great choices for summertime fashion. The prices were reasonable, ranging from $27.99 to $38.99, and I love that I don’t spend hours at a store sifting through clothes that are the right size and style for me! Thanks, Nadine West!

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Nadine West April 2022 Review + $15 Off Coupon

My Nadine West April clothing bag had some really stylish tops and a necklace! I loved the black fleece lined pants too! The only thing I didn’t like was the fit of the mauve top and mustard yellow tunic — they ran a bit large. I do love how Nadine West’s clothing is well-made and stylish, and I love that you can try everything on at home before deciding what to keep. Shipping is always free both ways, so it’s easy to send back anything you don’t want. I’m definitely looking forward to my next shipment!

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nadine west march 2022 review

Nadine West March 2022 Review

In conclusion, I thought Nadine West’s March 2022 shipment was a mixed bag, only because they normally hit it out of the park! I got 2 jewelry items, which has never happened before. I liked the Sheila Rose Silver Floral Necklace, but the crystal pendant wasn’t my cup of tea. I liked the SHOP BASIC USA Blue V-Neck Pocket Dress and Sheila Rose Navy Jeggings, but the SHOP BASIC USA Green V-Neck Top was slightly too big for me. Overall, I do love trying on clothes that I wouldn’t normally pick for myself, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they send next month! I love getting new clothes every month!

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nadine west february 2022 review coupon

Nadine West February 2022 Review

The items I received in my Nadine West February 2022 bag were a change from what I would normally buy – which I love! The olive green top is a great neutral color is super comfortable – although a bit big for me. The Ghia charcoal pants are perfect for hikes or exploring the great outdoors, and were also super comfy and warm. The Shop Basic Monica Dress in light grey is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, and the Aryeh Norie Long Sleeve Sweater Dress in navy and orange is a beautiful and very bold statement piece. Lastly, the Rue 27 Steal Vines silver bracelet is a unique and elegant piece of jewelry that can be worn with any outfit.

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Nadine West January 2022 Review 011

Nadine West January 2022 Review + Coupon

Nadine West is a clothing company that I love to get clothing from because it saves me so much time and effort! They always have high quality clothes in their bags, with fashionable pieces for any occasion. My favorite items were the Jaidyn top in black; Kristy cardigan top in grey (it goes perfectly with almost any outfit); and finally, the Hansie bottoms in olive which are unique, trendy, and chic. The total retail value of everything in my January 2022 bag was $165.45. I’m pretty excited about my next Nadine West bag next month!

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Nadine West December 2021 Review 014

Nadine West November 2021 Review

I got a great selection of clothing in my Nadine West November 2021 Bag! I love trying on items that I usually wouldn’t pick out for myself, and Nadine West always has such beautiful pieces. The fit was perfect this time around, too – it’s tough finding clothes these days who give you just what your body needs without being too baggy or tight! I loved the array of bold, warm colors that were included on my tops and bottoms this month! My personal favs were the Emi Dress in Brick, the Cape Cardigan in Wine, and the Aria Top in Almond/Orange. I’m pretty excited for my next Nadine West bag next month! The total value of my bag is $128.45!

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Nadine West December 2021 Review 003

Nadine West December 2021 Bag #2 Review + $22 Off Coupon

Nadine West is one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time! I love trying on clothing that I normally wouldn’t pick out for myself. They seem to know what I want and need without me having to tell them! I got 2 tops for winter, 1 dress which will be perfect a casual outing or party, 2 pairs of pants that I can wear to the office and while lounging around, and a silver bracelet on top of it all! My personal favorites were the Amelia Dress in Burgundy Stripe, the Rein Jogger in Bottom in Black and White, and the Floral Etchings Bracelet in Silver. I love how Nadine West shops for me while I watch TV! 

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