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chef v 16 oz

Chef V

$333.00 $149.85
Chef V sends you delicious, life-changing, certified organic green juices, protein shakes and detox soups made daily and delivered to your front door fresh. You'll get 7 super green drinks that are low sugar, nutrient dense and have helped thousands lose weight, detox vital organs, revitalize skin/hair and increase energy. Easiest, tastiest & most affordable way to boost your metabolism, lose weight, have younger looking skin, tons of energy, mental clarity and good vibes. 100% Money Back Guarantee Chef V Coupon: Get 55% off Chef V using this link and coupon code 55PERCENT.

Each diet kit (Basic, Core and Premium) includes a variety of WonderSlim® products sufficient to carry you through the time period of the kit. You'll also receive a Food Shopping List, Food Diary, Multi-Vitamins, EFA Softgels and a 20 oz. WonderSlim® Shaker Bottle. To help you achieve your long-term goals, we also give you the WonderSlim® Lifestyle Guide; a 12-step lesson guide which covers nutritional education, exercise and behavior modification techniques. Our diet kits never leave you guessing what you'll need to eat each day. It is all laid out in plain, easy-to-understand language. While each plan may seem a bit structured at first sight, you'll be amazed by the exciting variety of flavors and textures available to you. Since boring diets never last, we strive to keep your taste buds interested. Entering your email on the website gets your 14 FREE meals.
personal trainer food

Personal Trainer Food

$229.00 $160.00
Personal Trainer Food delivers real, healthy weight loss meals that unleash your metabolism so you can burn fat quickly and naturally. Personal Trainer Food boxes are filled with meats, eggs, cheese, nuts, and veggies. These foods are similar to what we ate 50-60 years ago, before there was an obesity crisis in America. They are proven to naturally burn fat. Your complete meals are delivered to your door, frozen, ready to be stored in your freezer. All you have to do is heat (3 minutes in the microwave) and eat! Personal Trainer Food has a money-back guarantee! Get 30% off your first Personal Trainer Food delivery with this link and coupon code HEALTHY30.  


$119.95 $89.96
bistroMD is a meal delivery subscription box that sends you ready-to-eat entrees all with the goal of helping you lose weight! You'll get to choose from hundreds of meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner), customized to what you like to eat. You can select from the following these meal plans: Standard, Heart Healthy, Diabetic, Gluten Free, Menopause. For each week, you can choose from:
  • 5 Lunches & 5 Dinners
  • 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches & 5 Dinners
  • 7 Lunches & 7 Dinners
  • 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 6 Dinners + My Night
Shipping: $19.95 Ships to: Continental US, Alaska and Hawaii