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mystery chocolate box

Mystery Chocolate Box

The Mystery Chocolate Box sends you 3 delicious, hand-selected, artisan chocolate bars and 1 fun game to play where you'll guess what ingredients are inside. They'll also donate 2 meals to charity for each box shipped.
bar and cocoa subscription

Bar & Cocoa

The Bar & Cocoa Dark Chocolate Club sends you 4 full-sized dark chocolate bars from the world's best best bean to bar chocolate makers. Tasting notes are delivered with each box. Tasting is believing. All chocolate selections are gluten, and dairy free plain dark chocolate. Shipping is free! The bars and makers we feature are often award winners, or highly rated, and carefully chosen to bring you the finest craft and bean to bar chocolate from the world’s best chocolate makers. Bar & Cocoa is committed to showcasing companies who practice ethical and transparent or direct trade, and support eco-conservation and sustainable farming practices. We focus on "bean to bar" rather than chocolatiers not commonly found in grocery stores.
fine chocolate club

Fine Chocolate Club

The Fine Chocolate Club sends you 5 chocolate bars every month from the finest chocolate makers across the globe, including Dick Taylor, LetterPress, Amano, and many others.

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Jackie’s Chocolate

Jackie's Chocolate Subscription sends you a 1/2 LB assortment of artisan chocolates including crunchy nuts, chewy caramels, fluffy marshmallows and creamy, fruit filled centers enrobed in silky milk chocolate, decadent dark chocolate and velvety white chocolate. You'll get approximately 15 chocolates per box.

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