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Stick in a Box

Since 2014, Stick in a Box has introduced over 400 hard-to-find brands and flavors of beef jerky to 1000's of meat-eaters all across the US (and beyond). Each month, subscribers receive a unique selection of gourmet jerky and beef sticks that can't be found at the local convenience store. It's a jerky lover's paradise.

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LOLJerky sends you 1 to 6 bags of  craft jerky each month depending on how many jerky bags you want. They also throw in extra samples from time to time. Jerky is sourced from local ranchers and farmers from around the USA, and is GMO, MSG, and preservative free. The jerky will last up to 12 months unopened. After opening, it will last 2 weeks if stored in a cool, dry place. Get 10% off site wide with coupon LABORDAY10
Jerky Subscription 1

Jerky Subscription

Jerky Subscription sends you craft beef jerky that's hard to find anywhere else. Every month, to your home or office. We scout the country for the top craft jerky makers. Searching high and low for the best-tasting jerky. Our expert jerky curators review your preferences and select the perfect jerky brands and flavors just for you. We pack your jerky and ship it to your door, so you get to try new craft jerky every month!