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Alltrue is Back! Spring 2022 Boxes Shipping Soon!

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The Alltrue Subscription Box is back! While the former parent company of Alltrue, Gramr, went bankrupt, Alltrue is now back in business with a new set of owners and investors! Spring 2022 boxes will begin shipping in the next 2 weeks!

Below is the email I just got yesterday, which I’m assuming went to most previous Alltrue members:



We hope this email finds you well, and we apologize for the lack of communication over the past few months. Gramr Inc., the prior owner of Alltrue, was forced to restructure through a bankruptcy alternative called an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, and the team was unable to communicate throughout the process.

While we are excited to announce the Alltrue brand was acquired and will resume operations, we regret to inform you that although the Alltrue brand was acquired and will resume operations, we will not be able to fulfill your open Alltrue orders placed prior to Gramr Inc.'s assignment on April 12th.

Below we have provided you information on what has happened over the past few months and how to request a chargeback from your bank. We have also included a discount code that will allow you to sign up for a new plan if you would like to continue your membership. We apologize that we don’t have better news for you but hope to serve you in the future should you choose to continue this journey and restart your Alltrue membership.

What happened?

  • In mid-April, Gramr Inc., the former owner of Alltrue, was in a difficult financial position and had to restructure through a bankruptcy alternative, called an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.
  • Until a resolution was reached about the future of the company, the team was legally unable to comment about the situation publicly.
  • The good news: Alltrue will be able to continue on its mission. New investors acquired the assets of Gramr Inc., including the Alltrue brand, and are committed to preserving the product experience and the things you love most about your Alltrue membership, while improving core operations and shipping timelines.

What’s next?

  • Our records indicate that your membership was either set to cancel or had already filed a chargeback, this means that we will not be able to fulfill boxes or orders that you may have previously paid for with the Alltrue before the assignment and sale of the business.
  • We apologize that we do not have better news than this but we have some additional information below that we hope will help you.
  • You may still be able to receive a refund from your bank for any product that you did not receive. If you used a credit card as your method of payment, here is an article with general guidance about chargebacks and how to pursue them. If you used PayPal as your payment method, follow this link for guidance about refunds.
  • The Spring Box will ship in the next two weeks and we would love to continue your Alltrue journey! As a courtesy for working through this challenge with us, we are offering you a unique discount, at our best possible rate:
  • Use this code for $30 off of your Spring Box: XXXX
  • Use this code for $50 off of an Annual Membership: XXXX
  • Whether or not you choose to renew, as part of our effort to ease the difficulty of this transition, we are providing you one year of free-access to our Add-On Market ($40/year in value). You do not need to do anything, your current login will grant you market access regardless of your membership status. We have some tech work to do to enable this feature for you, but it will be available before any future market.

As part of this transition, we’re committed to being transparent with the community, and to making changes that will allow us to ship boxes at the beginning of each season. We know how important this is to you, and it is one of our top priorities.

We appreciate your patience as we work to respond to individual support inquiries while rebuilding our support team. We are excited to continue the Alltrue mission and bring awareness to the best sustainable and ethical products and brands.

Thank you,

Team Alltrue


🙋‍♀️ A FEW FAQs

I sent a message to customer support but haven’t heard back. When should I expect to hear back?

We’re just beginning to rebuild the customer support team (as quickly as we can), so response times will be delayed as we’re getting things up and running — it may take a few weeks for a reply during this period, as we train new support staff while working on shipping boxes. The team will not be able to review previous customer support inquiries due to the size of the backlog, so we’d ask that you submit any new inquiries to [email protected]. We will be working through support requests as quickly as possible, in the order in which they are received.

What will change with the new ownership? Will product standards be the same?

The new ownership team has extensive operating experience in subscription ecommerce and plans to work closely with many of the prior team members to continue making progress on the brand mission — and our current priorities are (1) to ship boxes in a timely manner each season (starting with Spring and Summer), and (2) to communicate transparently and regularly with the community as we get up and running again.

The decision to acquire Alltrue and carry the vision forward was very heavily guided by our belief in the brand, the product experience, and the positive impact that the company and community has had over a long period of time. Our intention is to continue this legacy and build off of it. The mission at Alltrue will always be to introduce our community to the best sustainable and ethical products, and to inspire a life lived with intention.


I took advantage of their $50 off coupon for an annual membership. I have to have faith that they will actually fulfill all 4 boxes this time! Annual members will not be able to customize their boxes until the Fall 2022 Season. This is fine with me – I’m just happy their back in business!

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