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Simply Earth Recipe Box May 2022 Review – Women’s Health

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Looking for a more natural way to take care of your health? Look no further than Simply Earth's May Recipe Box! This month's box comes with everything you need to make your own hair mask, roll-on, and skin care balm Plus, there are even more recipes for a turmeric infusion and a diffuser blend. Everything is clearly labeled and comes with step-by-step instructions, so you can get started right away. Keep reading to learn more about this month's box and how you can use these products to keep your laundry clean and fresh! This box has a retail value of $189 – and it costs only $39!

Simply Earth is an essential oil recipe box that makes using essential oils easy so you can be healthy and eliminate toxins at home! You’ll get 100% pure oils and natural ingredients with recipes to make your own products that are safe and easy to make. Recipes are created by aromatherapists. 13% of profits go to end human trafficking and you’ll get a 365-day guarantee.

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Simply Earth Recipe Box May 2022 Review – Women's Health

The theme of this month's box is:

Women's Health

I am all about using the most natural products as possible for my beauty, skincare, and general health needs, and this month's box will help me get there with some amazing essential oils and recipes!

Here's a first peek at what I saw when I opened my box!

May 2022 Women's Health Essential Oils

This month's essential oils are:

Lemon Essential Oil – Invigorate your senses and your skin with this Lemon Essential Oil. The sweet, citrusy aroma of lemon is refreshing and uplifting. It's also an effective way to reduce the appearance of breakouts, detoxify your skin, and promote stomach wellness. Add a few drops to your diffuser or apply topically to enjoy the benefits of this versatile oil.

Marjoram Essential Oil – Looking for an oil that can do it all? Introducing Marjoram Essential Oil! From supporting heart wellness and relaxing muscles to aiding digestion and promoting hormone balance, this oil is a powerhouse. This sweet and herbaceous oil is also great for centerings and promoting rest. Plus, it supports women's wellness, making it a perfect choice for the modern woman. Add a few drops to your diffuser or dilute with a carrier oil!

Lady's Choice Essential Oil – Don't let PMS ruin your month! Lady's Choice Essential Oil Blend can help. Made with natural ingredients like clary sage, marjoram, geranium, and lavender, this powerful blend can help reduce pain and discomfort caused by PMS. Simply inhale the calming herbal + floral aroma, and let the blend work its magic. Say goodbye to monthly misery and hello to a more pleasant time of the month!

Spearmint Essential Oil – Looking for an essential oil that energizes and aids digestion? Look no further than Spearmint Essential Oil! This oil has a sweet, minty aroma that is sure to please, and its benefits are numerous. Spearmint can help soothe head discomfort, promote stomach wellness, cool and calm the body, and support respiratory function. Whether you're looking to boost your energy level or just enjoy the refreshing scent of mint, Spearmint Essential Oil is a great choice.

The Extras

Simply Earth always includes some extras, so you don't have to purchase these items yourself.

We got a homemade paperboard tube, a spray bottle, and some aloe vera!

Simply Earth Women's Health Recipe Cards

Cooling Spray Recipe – In the dog days of summer, it's important to have a cooling spray on hand to help beat the heat. This refreshing recipe is made with aloe vera gel, Ladies Choice Essential Oil Blend, Spearmint Essential Oil, and distilled water. Simply combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and spritz on when needed for soothing relief. The aloe vera gel helps to moisturize and protect skin, while the essential oils provide a refreshing scent and cooling sensation. Whether you're spending a day at the beach or just trying to stay cool during a heat wave, this cooling spray will help you beat the heat.

Moisturizing Hair Mask Recipe – As anyone with dry hair knows, finding a moisturizing hair mask that actually works can be a challenge. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to add moisture and shine, but they often end up leaving hair feeling greasy and heavy. This homemade recipe, however, is up to the task. Aloe vera is a natural conditioner that helps to hydrate and detangle hair, while coconut oil adds essential nutrients and moisture. The corn starch helps to absorb excess oil and gives hair a healthy sheen. Finally, the marjoram essential oil adds a pleasant scent and provides antimicrobial benefits. Simply combine the ingredients, with melted coconut oil, and apply to clean, damp hair. Let the mask sit for 20 minutes before rinsing out with water. Your hair will thank you for it!

Mother's Day Diffuser Blend Recipe – Here's a diffuser blend recipe for Mother's Day! You'll need lemon essential oil, marjoram essential oil, and Ladies Choice Essential Oil. Add the essential oils to a diffuser and enjoy the refreshing, uplifting scent. Lemon essential oil is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. Marjoram essential oil has a warm, herbaceous aroma. Ladies Choice Essential Oil is a romantic, floral scent. Diffuse this blend in your home or office to create a relaxing, stress-free environment for mom or yourself.

Beauty Skin Care Balm Recipe – If you're looking for a natural and homemade way to take care of your skin, this beauty skin care balm recipe is perfect for you! Made with ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, and essential oils, it's packed with nutrients that your skin will love. Plus, it's super easy to make – simply melt the oils and beeswax together in a double boiler, stir in the remaining ingredients, and pour the mixture into a 2 oz push up board tube. Once it's cooled and hardened, you can apply it directly to your skin whenever you need a little extra nourishment.

Flow Roll-On Recipe – Looking for a natural way to ease the discomfort of PMS? Try this Flow Roll-On Recipe! The ingredients – ladies choice essential oil blend, lemon essential oil, marjoram essential oil, and fractionated coconut oil – are all known for their ability to soothe and relax. Simply add the essential oils to a roll-on bottle and fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. Shake to mix, then apply to your abdomen as needed. The rolling motion is also said to help relieve stress and tension. Give it a try next time PMS strikes!

Turmeric Infusion Recipe – Turmeric is a spice with a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The yellow-orange root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and recent research has shown that it may also be effective in treating depression and arthritis. One way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric is to make a turmeric infusion. To make a turmeric infusion, simply mix together turmeric spice and almond oil in a clear, sealable jar and let sit for 4-5 weeks near a sunny window. Alternatively, you can put the mixture on low heat for 30 minutes. Once the infusion is finished, simply strain it through a fine mesh sieve into a 1 oz container. Enjoy your turmeric infusion once or twice a day, and experience the benefits of this unique spice for yourself!


The Simply Earth Recipe Box for May 2022 is a great way to get all of the necessary ingredients for recipes that will help improve your health and beauty routine. The box comes with everything you need to make a variety of different recipes using their amazing essential oils, including a diffuser blend for Mother's Day, a beauty skin care balm, a flow roll-on for PMS relief, and a turmeric infusion. These recipes are all easy to make and use natural ingredients that are beneficial for your health. I am loving the difference these DIY beauty and health products are making on my life!

Coupon: Get a free $40 gift card with your first box using this link and coupon code SUBBOXYFREE

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