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Simply Earth Recipe Box June 2022 Review + Coupon

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Looking for a natural way to take care of your health? Look no further than Simply Earth's June Recipe Box! This month's box comes with everything you need to make your sugar scrub, diffuser blends, diffuser necklace, and more! Plus, there are even more recipes for a roll-on and beard oil. Everything is clearly labeled and comes with step-by-step instructions, so you can get started right away. Keep reading to learn more about this month's box and how you can use these products to keep your laundry clean and fresh! This box has a retail value of $189 – and it costs only $39!

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Simply Earth kindly sent us this box to review.

Simply Earth Recipe Box June 2022 Review – Nature's Touch

This month's box will help me to achieve my beauty, skincare, and general health goals by providing me with some incredible essential oils and recipes!

The theme of the June box is:

Nature's Touch

Here's a first peek at everything I got in my box!

June 2022 Nature's Touch Essential Oils

This month's essential oils, which are all 100% pure and come in a 15ml bottle, are:

Ho Wood Essential Oil

Ho Wood oil is gaining in popularity due to its similar properties to the endangered Rosewood tree. This woody and floral oil has become a favorite for its ability to calm and center individuals, as well as reduce the appearance of breakouts and support women's wellness. Additionally, Ho Wood oil is said to soothe skin and promote immunity and rejuvenation. Another bonus of this essential oil is that it can be blended with sweet orange, java citronella, and timber oils to create a unique scent. It's a great essential oil to promote relaxation or supports healthy skin,.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

If you're looking for an essential oil that smells amazing and has a ton of benefits, then look no further than sweet orange essential oil. This oil has a sweet, citrusy aroma that is sure to boost your mood and promote rest. In addition, sweet orange essential oil can be used to cleanse the skin, support heart health, and brighten the complexion. Plus, it can also help to uplift the spirits and promote youthful-looking skin. So if you're looking for an all-around great essential oil, be sure to give sweet orange a try.

Java Citronella Essential Oil

Java citronella essential oil is derived from the island of Java in Indonesia. The oil has a fresh, citrusy aroma and is used for its energizing and uplifting properties. It is also known to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and to support joint function. Additionally, java citronella oil can be used as an insect repellent. Due to its strong scent, it is often used in candles and diffusers. When diffused, java citronella oil can help to cleanse and purify the air.

Timber Essential Oil Blend

Timber is one of my all-time favorite essential oil blends. I love the woodsy, slightly masculine aroma. It's perfect for adding to any men's DIY personal care products. It's gentle on the skin, yet provides benefits that are just what you need. Timber has reduced the appearance of breakouts for me and helped to calm my skin.

Simply Earth Women's Health Recipe Cards

For some reason, my box this month was missing recipe cards, but I found them on Simply Earth's website.

This month, you can make:

  1. Beach Feet Sugar Scrub
  2. Woodland Diffuser Blend
  3. Boho Diffuser Blend
  4. Earthy Diffuser Necklace
  5. Nature's Calm Roll-On
  6. Timber Beard Oil


We always get extra supplies to make the recipes!

Diffuser Jewelry Mini Kit

Body Oil Base

Air Dry Clay



Overall, I'm really happy with the contents of the June Simply Earth recipe box. The essential oils are all 100% pure and smell amazing. I got Ho Wood, Sweet Orange, Java Citronella, and Timber Essential Oils. I'm particularly impressed with the Timber blend – it's my new favorite masculine scent! While I didn't get the recipe cards this month (first time they were missing!), I love that there are extra supplies included so that I can make the recipes easily. I think this box is a great value (worth over $180!) for the price of only $39, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get started with essential oils.

What do you think of the Simply Earth Recipe Box?

Coupon: Get a free $40 gift card with your first box using this link and coupon code SUBBOXYFREE, or use coupon code BIGBONUSBOX to get a FREE bonus box with your first month!


Simply Earth Recipe Box Reviews

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