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Annie’s CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club August 2020 Review – “Just Beecause” + 50% Off Coupon

Today, we are finally posting our Annie’s CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club August Review! The theme of the August card kit is “Just Beecause”. I love this theme!

About Annie’s CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club

Annie's Card Maker Kit-of-the-Month Club sends you all the materials you need to make 8 or more handmade cards. Annie's Card Maker Kit one of our favorite card making subscriptions!

Price: $19.99 / month
Shipping: $5.95
Ships to: US and Canada

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month of Annie's Card Maker Club with coupon CAROLYN50.

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We received this card kit for review purposes.

Annie's CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club August 2020 Review – “Just Beecause”

Annie's sends their monthly card kits in a purple mailer.

Here’s our first peek at this month’s “Just Beecause” kit!

Each card comes with an instruction booklet, with all the info you need to assemble these cards.

Here you can see the bee themed patterned papers, cardstock die cut sheets, and envelopes that we got with this month's kit.

We also received orange and black rhinestones, black ribbon, orange twine, and self-cling rubber stamps.

For this month that you'll also need the card maker toolkit that came in the first month's kit, a ruler, pencil, scissors or a paper cutter, foam adhesive, and a black ink pad or Marker.


This month's techniques are layering and stamping. With layering you'll use cardstock, die cuts, and printed papers to create texture and definition by layering them on top of each other. We'll also use adhesive foam. To lift layered pieces to add Dimension and style to an otherwise flat card. Or stamping will use an acrylic black to hold are stamps in place. We purchased our own stamping tool help make stamping lot easier. You load the stamp with ink by lightly tapping it on to the ink pad for coloring with a marker. Placing a piece of foam under the paper will Aid in producing a crisper stamped image. That's as if I didn't know. Now let's take a closer look at these cards.

We Bee Long Together Card

This card is super cute! It uses honeycomb pattern paper and gold cardstock as the base. The hive and bees were placed on the card using the included die-cuts. And the “We Bee Long Together” message is also a die-cut. The adhesive foam under the die-cuts helps lift them off the paper.

Have A Bee-utiful Day Card

This card uses yellow gingham pattern paper as the base. The “HaVe A Bee-utiful Day Message” and flowers add dimension to this card. This card reminds me of having a picnic outside with the yellow gingham paper. I love how cute these bee messages are!

Hello Honey Card

This card uses gray honeycomb pattern paper and gray card stock as its base. We again used the included die cuts: a HELLO banner, a honeypot, and a bee. I placed black rhinestones in the corners which as a really elegant touch to this card.

Don't Worry Bee Happy Card

This card makes my heart happy by just looking at it.! On this card, I'm using a combination of gray honeycomb pattern paper, gray card stock, yellow gingham pattern paper to set the background. This card also uses black rhinestones on the gray honeycomb pattern paper. The tied black ribbon adds an extra touch of elegance with the black ribbon. The message on this card is “Don't Worry Bee Happy”. I could totally see this card making someone's day if they need a pick me up!

The cards we just looked at were created using instructions that Annie's sent along. The next four cards are designs that I created.

You're The Bees Knees Card

This card uses the gray honeycomb pattern paper as the base along with the grey card stock, that is a frame for the “You're The Bees Knees” message. I used the die-cut bees, flowers, and leaf to create some dimension in interest on this card. This card has a message that I also really love.

Always Be Yourself Card

This card uses the black and white striped pattern paper. It's a pretty simple design because I just used the “Always Be Yourself” die-cut along with the gold twine that was included with the kit. I really do love the confidence boosting message along with the simplicity and style of this card.

For The Mommy-To-Be Card

I really love cute whimsical cards for baby showers, and this card is just perfect! Here, I used the yellow patterned paper with yellow paper with bee lines. I also used the flower die-cuts along with a bee and the “For The Mommy-To-Be Sign”. I lifted these die cuts off the paper using foam adhesive.

Just Buzzing In To Say Hello Card

With this card, I used the black and white striped pattern paper along with the yellow paper with bee lines on it. I brought those two papers together using a strip of gold cardstock and added and the “Just Buzzing In To Say Hello” message that is lifted off the card with foam adhesive. I also added a couple of bees buzzing around that message. To top it off, I used black rhinestones to give it a little bit of Eeegance.

To Wrap It Up

I was really pleased with this month's card kit theme of “Just Beecause”. Sometimes you want to send cards just because and these cards make it super fun and easy! Making cards is a stress relieving, creative activity for me – as an added bonus I can give these bee-utiful cards to my friends and family. The bee theme for this month was really cute and the yellow, grey, and black colors really made the cards pop! I'm really looking forward to working on my next Annie's CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club.

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month of Annie's Card Maker Club with coupon CAROLYN50.

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