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Brow Box February 2021 Review

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Today, we are reviewing the February 2021 Brow Box!

Brow Box is a bi-monthly brow beauty subscription box uniquely for eyebrow lovers! Every 2 months, you'll get brow makeup replenishables (full sized products), some brow keepsakes & brow goodies and products from the monthly featured eyebrow company (can be full-sized or samples)! Choose from pencil or powder, and customize to your brow color (blonde, taupe – chestnut, dark brown, charcoal, auburn – medium brown).

Price: $31.15 CAD or ~$24.50 USD

Ships: Worldwide from Canada

Brow Box February 2021 Review

Brow Box shipped in a pretty in pink outer mailer that says “something pretty is inside”. I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

brow box february 2021 review 2

Here is what the inner box looked like. Cute and appropriate!

brow box february 2021 review 3

The info card has all the deets on what’s included in this box. I love how this box was hand packed and signed by Chantal. It adds a nice little personal touch when I see an inked signature.

brow box february 2021 review 4 1

The goodies were packaged in lovely peach paper, with a cute brow sticker!

brow box february 2021 review 5

Here’s a first peek at everything that we got!

brow box february 2021 review 7

Now, let’s get a closer look to see what was inside.

Eden Eyebrows Skinny Brow Pencil

brow box february 2021 review 8

This skinny brow pencil from Eden Eyebrows is perfect for defining your brows with full coverage or skinny strokes to treat sparser areas.

brow box february 2021 review 9

I specified that I wanted a charcoal pencil when I ordered, so that is the color I got!

Eyebrow Spoolie Brushes

brow box february 2021 review 11

These eyebrow spoolies came in a cute mesh bag. I love the teal color on these brushes and the teal glitter filled handles!

brow box february 2021 review 10

These brushes are great for combing through, blending, and shaping your brows. I also use spoolies to separate my eyelashes!

Eden Angle Brush

brow box february 2021 review 12

1This is a double-headed brush to angle brush is used to apply brow makeup with a spoolie on the other end!

brow box february 2021 review 14

You can never have too many spoolies! This will be perfect to pop into my purse.

brow box february 2021 review 13

Brow Themed Face Mask

brow box february 2021 review 15

This adorable face mask says “Life isn’t perfect, but your brows can be”. I love this statement – at least one area in my life can be perfect! Smile It came with mask adjusters for smaller faces, but the fit of this mask was perfect for me!

Lip Mask

brow box february 2021 review 17

The adorable lip mask is meant to moisturize, firm, and hydrate your lips! It uses collagen to reduce lip lines and smooth your lips!

Brow Quote in Peach Scent

brow box february 2021 review 18

Don’t you just love this saying? “Brows before Bros”! I have to say that many things in life come before Bros (sorry to all of the bros out there, but we ladies have to take care of ourselves first!).

Wrap Up

The February 2021 Brow Box was filled with brow makeup, tools, and other fun accessories to help you make your brows stand out! I have to admit that I don’t spend a ton of time on my brows, but Brow Box introduced me to new tools that will help me get a great set of brows! The brow pencil was the perfect size, and the tools will make applying brow makeup so much easier. The brow themed face mask and quote were oh so cute! I’ll be hanging my brow quote in my car so I can smell the amazing peach scent every day! The lip mask was a nice addition, and was unexpected. It felt great on my lips and helped to repair my very dry lips (especially with recent colder weather!).

I’m super happy with the brow essentials and goodies that I got in this month’s Brow Box! A great box for any brow lover!

What do you think about Brow Box?


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