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Decocrated Winter Box 2020 Review + 15% Off Coupon

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This is our first review of Decocrated!

Today, we are reviewing the Decocrated 2020 Winter Box!

About Decocrated

Decocrated is a home décor subscription box, built to freshen up your home each season. They send you carefully selected items for your home, from tabletop décor to textile elements and wall accents. We include interchangeable items that you can use and love for years to come. Plus, we share inspiration, how-tos, and pro decorating tips. And we deliver all of it right to your front door at an affordable price!

What is costs: $79.99 per quarter, or $72 per quarter for annual subscribers

DEAL: Save 15% off your Decocrated subscription with this link and coupon code SUBBOXY15

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

Decorated’s Story

Decocrated is our name, and home décor is our game. We work hard year-round researching trends, scouring Pinterest, and watching hours and hours of HGTV to create the best in home décor so that you can look like a decorating maverick.

Our mission is to make sure that we create a beautiful story every season so that you can focus on more important things in life: making some memories.

Subboxy paid for this box.

Decocrated Winter Box 2020 Review

The Winter Box came in a pretty large and heavy box! I had to be careful handling this box because it’s marked as fragile!

decocrated winter 2020 review 1

I’m super excited about Decocrated because now that we’re stuck at home during the pandemic, I’d like to spruce up my home décor a bit!

decocrated winter 2020 review 2

Decocrated does a nice job of building excitement when opening this box! I also like that this box is made from recycled material.

decocrated winter 2020 review 3

As you can see, this box is nicely packaged as a gift to myself, and would also make a nice gift for family and friends!

decocrated winter 2020 review 4

Here is the cover of the Decocrated Winter 2020 Information Booklet.

decocrated winter 2020 review 5

The Styling booklet has a Style Sheet that tells you about the key themes, combining elements, and key colors of the items included in the box. There are 2 interchangeable & seasonal décor, 3 everyday home accents, and 2 seasonal accessories. I love that these pieces can either be kept out year round or just during the season!

decocrated winter 2020 review 34

Each included home décor piece has an explanation and photos of how to pair it with your existing home décor, or how you can also purchase past items in the Decocrated Shop if you need a little help with coordinating items!

decocrated winter 2020 review 6

Once I got the inner boxes out of the shipping box, you’ll see that there were 3 inner boxes.

decocrated winter 2020 review 8

Okay, let’s get on to take a peek at what we got in this Winter Box!

1. The Boho Snowflake

This wooden snowflake will go perfectly with my rustic farmhouse décor! I love the varying colors in the wood tones, and it also has a cute twine hanger!

decocrated winter 2020 review 9

Here’s a closer look.

decocrated winter 2020 review 10

This Boho Snowflake can be paired with other wood themed items in your house to create a layering look.

decocrated winter 2020 review 11

2. The Winter Pillow

This is a lumbar pillow cover with a unique evergreen forest printed in a winter scene. This print was designed by one of this season’s box’s featured artists: Cris Menendez and Kat Fonte.

decocrated winter 2020 review 12

Here’s a closer look at this festive evergreen forest print!

decocrated winter 2020 review 13

The back of the pillow is a lovely green color that can be used with blue, green, and cream pillows when the winter season is over!

decocrated winter 2020 review 14

3. The Framed Art

This framed art of cascading watercolor botanicals are adorned with a wooden frame. The green color will go will with my green Christmas decorations, but can also be kept out year round since it also has a spring look!

decocrated winter 2020 review 15

Here’s a closer look at the botanical watercolor design! This design was also created by Decocrated’s featured artists.

decocrated winter 2020 review 16

The back of this framed art has a picture hanger, so it’s super easy to hang!

decocrated winter 2020 review 17

4. The Tabletop Calendar

Ooh! I love perpetual calendars and this one has so many adorable blocks to use for the day of the week, the month, and the date! It also has a rustic look and the look of both handwritten and stamped lettering!

decocrated winter 2020 review 20

You can get a view of all of the stamped lettering on the white blocks!

decocrated winter 2020 review 19

I am swooning over how adorable this tabletop calendar is!!!

decocrated winter 2020 review 21

5. The Sled Shelf

This rustic wooden sled shelf is both functional and seasonal! I love the sled design and with the black wrought iron look.

decocrated winter 2020 review 22

I could see hanging this shelf in my kitchen, entryway, or living room!

decocrated winter 2020 review 23

You can use this as a shelf to hang on your wall, or as a table top shelf as you see here!

decocrated winter 2020 review 24

We all need a little more space to showcase our finest décor – and this sled shelf will definitely do the trick!

decocrated winter 2020 review 25

6. The Village Houses

These adorable wooden village houses are both substantial and charming! The come in modern grey, green, and blue colors!

decocrated winter 2020 review 26

These village houses were also designed by the featured artist of the season.

decocrated winter 2020 review 27

They have a hand-painted look – I wonder if they are hand-painted?

decocrated winter 2020 review 28

I can’t wait to intermingle these village houses with my other holiday décor.

decocrated winter 2020 review 29

7. The Art Print

I think I was supposed to the get this art print shown below in the upper right corner, but I’ll contact Decocrated’s customer service. I know errors can sometimes be made when packing these boxes!

decocrated winter 2020 review 36

In Summary

The Decocrated Winter 2020 Box was super festive for the holiday season, but had items that I could use year-round. These home décor items were carefully curated to coordinate with each other and other past items from Decocrated’s past boxes. Since I don’t have a knack for interior design, I can up my home décor game with these amazing seasonal decorations! My favorite items in the box are the Sled Shelf, the Winter Village, the Winter Pillow, and the Tabletop Calendar. Okay, did I pick too many favorites? Smile 

DEAL: Save 15% off your Decocrated subscription with this link and coupon code SUBBOXY15

You can still get the Winter Box right now! 

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