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Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club Review (Felted Pumpkins) + 50% Off Deal


Today, we are reviewing our third Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club. Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club is such a great outlet for me to create DIY projects that help me decorate my home! 

Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club provides you with most of the supplies you need to make a new craft every month! You'll learn some of the most popular crafting techniques including painting, beading, needlecrafts, memory crafts, soap-making, mosaics, card-making and lots, lots more!

Cost: $19.99/month

Shipping: $5.95/month to US and $6.95/month to Canada

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The Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month came in a violet padded envelope.

I was so excited to see a yarn/felted wool project where I can make my own soft pumpkins! Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Here's everything that we got in our craft kit! We got cream colored yarn, merino wool roving, felting needles, a foam block, and full color instructions with photos. 

I'm going to give you a quick view of what my finished felted pumpkins looked like! These pumpkins were quite a joy to make. Not quite what it looks like on the instruction sheet, but I still love them! 

The full color instructions take you step-by-step through what you should do to create these pumpkins. 

With this project, you'll make three pumpkins in cream, orange, and brown. 

I started this project by taking one of the skein's of yarn and unraveling half of it. 

Then, I wound the yarn that you can't see that's on the floor, around the yarn mass to make a pumpkin shape. 

This is our completed first pumpkin shape. 

I created the remaining 2 pumpkin shapes by using either a little more yarn for the taller pumpkin or using less yarn for the smaller pumpkin. 

This is the merino wool roving in the cream, orange, and brown colors. 

Now, I've never worked with roving wool before, but it's pretty easy! I pulled chunks of wool out and slightly overlapped the wool to make it stick together. 

I overlapped the wool both horizontally and vertically, and then added a thin layer on top going in the opposite direction of the first layer of wool 

Once I had my “square” layer of wool, I wrapped it around the yarn pumpkin shape. 

Then I took the 3 felting needles and taped them together with Scotch tape. 

Then I pushed the felting needles into the wool and then into the yarn pumpkin shape, I pushed the needles into the yarn about 1 to 1.5 inches deep. 

Once I was done securing the wool roving into the yarn pumpkin shape, this is what it looked like. A cloudy cream blob!

The next step was to add vertical strips of roving wool to the pumpkin by securing the ends of the vertical strips to the top and the bottom of the pumpkin with the felting needles. 

And this is what the the vertical strips looked like afterwards.

The next step was to add vertical lines to make the pumpkin grooves. I used a piece of string that I had to help visualize what the pumpkin grooves should look like. 

Then I pushed the felting needles in to make the lines. It took about 3-4 pokes in the same place to get a defined line, or pumpkin groove. 

Then, I added the stem by forming a stem by rolling and felting the dark brown roving. 

The end of the stem was separated in 3 sections, and then “felted” into the cream pumpkin. 

This was the finished cream pumpkin. 

And again, the finished cream pumpkin on my rustic wooden table. 

Here is the brown pumpkin, which I decided not to put pumpkin grooves in. 

And here is the finished orange pumpkin! 

These pumpkins really turned out to be adorable fall decorations for my home! This was my first time using wool roving and yarn together, so I can say I learned a new crafting technique for sure! I could see myself making more of these felt decorations for my kids – by making soft fruits and vegetables. I do think Annie's could have included a little more wool roving, but I was able to make it work as you can see! 

Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club would make a great gift for the crafty or wanna-be crafty person in your life! Or, this would make a great gift for yourself. I found it helped pull me away from my phone and computer, which we all need to do sometimes! 

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