brick loot february 2022 review teenage mutant ninja sushi coupon

Brick Loot February 2022 Review “Teenage Mutant Ninja Sushi” + Coupon

All in all, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Sushi box from Brick Loot was a lot of fun. My boys loved the TMNT ninja sushi – so unique and so fun! The Sushi Chef Minifigure is 100% LEGO and very well done. I also really liked the build for the Sushi Bar itself. It was simple but still looked great when finished. The Make Your Own Maki pack was also super unique, and made play time more fun for my boys as they served sushi at their Sushi Bar. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this set to anyone who likes LEGOs and sushi (or ninjas). Have you tried any of the Brick Loot sets? What did you think?

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Brick Loot January 2022 Review Coupon 021

Brick Loot January 2022 Review + Coupon

The Brick Loot January 2022 Life on the Farm set was a blast! My kids always get excited when our monthly box arrives. We loved this month’s theme with all of its farm-themed items and putting together the Barn and farm animals. This month’s farmer Minifigure looks so cool as well. Brick Loot is their favorite LEGO subscription box, and this farm themed set will be a great addition to their Brick Loot and LEGO collection! We can’t wait for next month’s Brick Loot Box!

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brick loot december 2021 review coupon

Brick Loot December 2021 Review + Coupon

The Brick Loot December 2021 Rock N’ Roll theme was a hit for my kids! We love music, and anything that has to do with music is a huge hit in our house! My kids were so happy builing the House of Music, center stage, and the musical accessories. Our favorite part of this month’s set was the enornous music note and guitar that adorned the front of the House of Music. This month’s brick and LEGO sets will be great additions to our growing LEGO and Brick Loot collection!  Brick Loot has easily become my kids’ favorite LEGO subscription box!

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Brick Loot November 2021 Review Coupon 003

Brick Loot November 2021 Review + Coupon

The Brick Loot November 2021 Scream for Ice Cream theme was an absolute blast, and my daughter loved it! Her favorite building set in this month’s box was the ice cream parlor. She loves the girly color combinations and how easy it is to assemble. We also love all of the different themes that come with each monthly box because they are so kid-friendly! We have yet to get a box that is missing any bricks – and we have been subscribing for over a year now! If you’re looking for an awesome gift idea or just want to add some fun into your kids day-to-day routine, we recommend getting started with Brick Loot today!

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Brick Loot October 2021 Review 019

Brick Loot October 2021 Review + Coupon

Brick Loot knocked it out of the park with the October 2021 Adventures in Space theme. I adored how the Space Lab Research Assistant minifig was female! We definitely need more STEM-based female role models for our little girls to see! My kids love watching movies about space, aliens, and planets, so they were totally into these building sets! My son particularly loved the Space Research Lab, especially when the LED lights were attached! This month’s LEGO building sets will be great additions to their growing LEGO and Brick Loot collection! This is one of their favorite Brick Loot boxes! Brick Loot never fails to amaze them, and they can’t wait to put the December box together!

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