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Brick Loot March 2021 Review + Coupon

My son and I had a great time reviewing and assembling all five of the Brick Loot Sugar Crush building set items included in the March 2021 box. Since we both love sweets, we loved building the working candy machine and dispensing Skittles out of it! We also love the building the Mini City buildings that come with each Brick Loot box each month – the Family Mart was especially fun to build and had so many 7-Eleven like details! All of my kids really liked playing with the food accessories since they love playing with pretend food. The March box was a winner in my book! We can’t wait to get the April 2021 Brick Loot Box!

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Brick Loot February 2021 Review – Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild Edition + Coupon

The Brick Loot February 2021 Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild box had such a great recycling theme and was really fun to put together! My son really loved the Garbage Truck, Garbage Receptacle with Accessories, and the Brick City News Stand! We talked about how important is to take care of our earth, and to recycle as much as possible. We try to recycle everything in our house, from newspapers, drink bottles/cans, plastic, glass, etc. I love spending time with my son working on Brick Loot building projects! 

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