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Latest Food Subscription Box Reviews

munchpak february 2021 review 27

Munchpak February 2021 Review + $5 Off Coupon

My boys and I really enjoy trying new snacks and treats from all over the world. These treats from Munchpak helped us try some really good treats, all without having to leave the comfort of our home! There was such a nice balance of both sweet and savory snacks (more sweet than savory), and we loved most of them! Our favorites were the Bonart Sweeties Gummy Candy Cinema Neons from Turkey, the Pororo Churro from South Korea, and the Glico Pizza Pretz from Thailand. Most of the snacks had allergen information on the packages, which is so important to us because we have a peanut and gluten allergy in our family!Munchpak would make a nice treat or gift for families looking for a little adventure delivered to their door! We really loved it!

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SmoothieBox Review + $15 Off Coupon

SmoothieBox delivers the convenience of single-serving smoothies with organic fruits and veggies to make eating real foods easier! These smoothies are meant to give you more energy, keep you regular with fiber, glowing skin with grass-fed collagen peptides, and natural weight loss by keeping you full.

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Jackie’s Chocolate Subscription Box February 2020 Review + Coupon

Jackie’s Chocolate knocked it out of the park with their Valentine themed chocolates in their February 2020 box. I had no idea how decadent and lovely these chocolates would be, but they truly are.

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my keto snack box review december 2019

My Keto Snack Box December 2019 Review + Coupon

The December My Keto Snack Box had a nice assortment of super low-carb, keto friendly snacks that will make it so much easier to curb any temptation to stray from your low-carb diet. If you or know of anyone who is trying to lose weight or get healthier on these diets, My Keto Snack Box would make a great gift for you or them! I’m excited to have these snacks at the ready now that holiday parties are getting closer!

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