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Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club Review (Wooden Home Sign) + 50% Off Deal


Today, we are reviewing Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club. This was my first month subscribing to Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club.

Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club provides you with most of the supplies you need to make a new craft every month! You'll learn some of the most popular crafting techniques including painting, beading, needlecrafts, memory crafts, soap-making, mosaics, card-making and lots, lots more!

Cost: $19.95/month

Shipping: $5.95/month US and $6.95/month Canada

As seen on 9 Best Annie's Kit Clubs Subscription Boxes.

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The Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month came in a yellow padded envelope.

IMG 4854 (Small)

I was delightfully surprised to see a craft kit where I would be able to make a cute home sign using wooden letters and acrylic paint!


Here is the information sheet that has all of the instructions you need to make this black wooden home sign.

IMG 4858 (Small)

From the brochure, this is what the end product should look like. We'll see how mine turns out!


The supplies that are included with this craft kit are wooden letters and symbols, paint brushes, a bag of white glitter, acrylic paint tubes, and a gray piece of sand paper. As you can see, the symbols take the place of where the letter O should be in the word HOME. Each of these symbols represents a season. The flower shape represents spring, the birdhouse represents summer, the acorn represents fall, and the snowflake represents winter.


Here's a closer look at the wooden letters and symbols.


I got started by painting the letter M with black paint. I got some paper plates from my pantry and just squirted the acrylic paint to the onto the paper plate. I really liked that most everything in this craft kit was included.


This is what the M looked like when I was finished painting it with the black acrylic paint.


Next I got started on the birdhouse, which was a bit more complicated than the letters themselves. Many of the symbols required painting different colors on them. The birdhouse specifically required a whitewashing technique.


I think this is the first time I've ever painted with acrylic paint on wood. Because I have kids, of course I've used Crayola's watercolor paint. I really liked using the acrylic paint and this whitewash in technique was kind of cool!

To do a whitewash technique, all I needed to do was mix the white acrylic paint with a little water. Then I took that mixture and slapped it on top of the blue paint.


Here's the finished birdhouse. The lines on the roof are so straight because I used a ruler. The circle looks pretty decent because I used a nickel to trace the circle with a pencil before I painted it with dark brown paint.

With the white flower, I had to paint this with several coats of white paint. The white tube of paint included with the kit wasn't nearly enough, but luckily I had some acrylic paint from my daughter's craft stash!

The flower required some free hand painting for the details of the flower, which was a challenging for me (as you can see!). Regardless, I think it turned out pretty nicely.


Here's some photos of the painted acorn.


One thing that I need to note about this craft it is it did take several days to wait for the paint to dry between coats! But, if you're looking for something to do and have a lot of free time – this craft kit would be great for you!


Here's the finished wooden home sign on my desk with the flower. I think this turned out super cute!


Here's the finished wooden home sign with the bird house.


Here's the finished wooden home sign with the acorn.


Here's the finished wooden home sign with the snowflake.


What I loved most about making this craft I used acrylic paint on wood for the first time. The finished product is something that I can use to decorate my house during all of the seasons. I do wish Annie's would have included enough white paint, but other than that, the supplies were great.

I think Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club is great for someone who doesn't have time to run out to the craft store and buy all the supplies you need for a craft project. It also helps you learn new crafting skills that may be right up your alley.

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month of Annie's with this link and coupon MONTHLY50.

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4 thoughts on “Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club Review (Wooden Home Sign) + 50% Off Deal

  1. Betty Moore says:

    How can you attach these letters to the wall?

    I have a collection of paintings by the same painter and the main theme is homes: farm houses, bird houses, dog houses, hen houses, out houses, etc. This activity would be perfect for this wall.

  2. I would use Command Strips (either medium or small size) – they are removable if you change your mind and won’t damage your wall!

  3. Hallie Gottlieb says:

    How fun! You did a great job too! I’d love to learn crafts. Thank you for reviewing this!!

  4. Thank you so much!!! Crafts are a great creative outlet for me!

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