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SinglesSwag March 2021 Review + 40% Off Coupon

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Today, we are reviewing the February 2021 SinglesSwag box! SinglesSwag is a subscription box for women and focuses on self-care, self-improvement, and indulgence!

About SinglesSwag

Every month, SinglesSwag sends you full-sized, hand-selected products exclusively for fun and fabulous single women.

  • Organic Beauty
  • Fun, Trending Fashion Accessories
  • Delicious Snacks and Treats
  • Best Selling Books, and Other Surprises!

What you'll get: 6-7 full-sized products (beauty, fashion, snacks, books, etc.)

Ships to: US & International

Price per month: $39.99 / month (for 6-7 items) or $24.99 / month (for 3-4 items), or as low as $37.50 / month (for 6-7 items) or $23.33 / month (for 3-4 items) with a 6-month subscription

Shipping: FREE (US)

Deal: Get 40% off any SinglesSwag subscription length with this link coupon CIAO.

Subboxy paid for this box.

SinglesSwag March 2021 Review

SinglesSwag sends their goodies in a pink coral box.

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Here is our first peek at what’s inside this box!

singlesswag march 2021 review 2 Custom

There are 8 items in this box and the box itself is worth $208 in retail value!

singlesswag march 2021 review 4 CustomNow, let’s get a closer look at each of these products!

Luxe Beauty Lavish Me 5-Piece Face Mask Set – worth $34

singlesswag march 2021 review 5 Custom

There's no better way to pamper your skin than with these face masks that will soothe and firm your skin with collagen and peptides. This powerful blend of ingredients will moisturize, fight harmful free radicals, and reduce inflammation. If you want a healthy glow, you can use these face masks at least once a month so you can leave your skin healthy, beautiful, and radiant.

Relax by T.Taio Exfoliating Wash Cloth – worth $10

singlesswag march 2021 review 6 Custom

This exfoliating washcloth was designed to cleanse and polish hard-to-reach areas. This cloth will help you massage your body and exfoliate areas like your back. All you need to do is whet this cloth, exfoliate your skin, and hang it to air dry.

Costa Mesa Supply Isla Two-Tone Decorative Vase – worth $24

singlesswag march 2021 review 8 Custom

This modern vase has sleek lines and gentle curves. It would look great in any room with its neutral colors and you can fill it with anything from pens to dried botanicals.

singlesswag march 2021 review 9 Custom

Steve Laurant Orchid Lip Oil – worth $20

singlesswag march 2021 review 16 Custom

One swipe of this orchid lip oil will give you hydrated, smooth, and glowing lips. This lip oil is non-sticky and will give your lips a glass like natural shine and healthy look.

singlesswag march 2021 review 17 Custom

Cambridge Proper Cool Satin Pillow Sleeves – worth $44

singlesswag march 2021 review 11 Custom

There's nothing better than investing in products that will help you get better sleep. These cool satin pillow sleeves will help you get more beauty sleep, while keeping her hair and skin dry and crease free.

singlesswag march 2021 review 12 Custom

This set of 2 satin pillow sleeves will help you prevent bed head, frizziness, tangles, and breakage.

Amelia Rue 4-Piece Bracelet Set – worth $58

singlesswag march 2021 review 19 Custom

This 4-piece bracelet set from Amelia Rue is oh so adorable!

singlesswag march 2021 review 20 Custom

The layering bracelets include 4 unique and elegant pieces: 2 real glass beaded stretch bracelets that are accented with gold charms and a tassel, a sparkling gold bracelet with a lobster clasp, and an adjustable silk strand bracelet with a white marble charm.

singlesswag march 2021 review 21 Custom

Sunday Rain Tender Bliss Sleep Mask in Watermelon – worth $14

singlesswag march 2021 review 15 Custom

SinglesSwag added more self-care for your face with this Tender Bliss Sleep Mask from Sunday Rain. This mask will rehydrate your skin overnight so you can wake up with glowing skin. This mask is formulated with age-defying watermelon extract, vitamins A and B6, and antioxidant-rich amino acids. This mask is natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Finger Licking Dutch Stroopwafels Caramel Waffle Cookie – worth $4

singlesswag march 2021 review 14 Custom

One of my favorite things about SinglesSwag is they include a treat in every box. Stroopwafels is one of the popular kinds of treats they include. This caramel waffle cookie is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You can enjoy it right out of the package or warm it by placing it on top of your hot coffee or tea mug, which will soften the caramel inside and release aromas with cinnamon and sugar. I love this idea!

Wrap Up

Everything in the SinglesSwag March 2021 box is meant for self care and happiness. I love being introduced to new beauty, skincare, self-care, and jewelry items, and SinglesSwag does just that! My favorite items in this box were the Amelia Rue 4-Piece Bracelet Set, the Cambridge Proper Cool Satin Pillow Sleeves, and the Luxe Beauty Lavish Me 5-Piece Face Mask Set. I do wish I would've gotten a book this month, but the other items made up for that!

Retail Value: The retail value of this month's box was $208! This is an amazing deal for only $39.99!

What do you think of SinglesSwag?


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