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Latest Men’s Subscription Box Reviews

Wohven Tees March 2021 Review 0111

Wohven Tees March 2021 Review + 30% Off Coupon

We love receiving Wohven’s Tees every month! They are so comfortable and wear very well after many washes. The t-shirt design for this month reminded me of watching the sunset while on a Hawaii beach! I especially loved the yellow, orange, and blue colors in this month’s design. My husband and I love getting a fresh supply of Wohven t-shirts and we look forward to getting next month’s simple and timeless design!

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Wovhen T Shirt February 2021 Review 25

Wovhen Tees February 2021 Review + Coupon

We loved reviewing Wohven’s February 2021 T-shirts! They were super comfy to wear as always, fit perfectly, and came in great maroon and muted red colors. The cactus and sun combo graphic design reminds me of warm weather (which I’d really love to have right now!) and it gives you positive vibes just looking at it. Wohven’s tees are perfect for working at home, lounging around the house, or wearing on casual outings. Their subscription service is great because I get a fresh, new tee every month!

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wohven t-shirt review april 2020

Wohven Tees & Socks April 2020 Review + 25% Off Coupon

The April 2020 Wohven T-shirt came in a unique, woodsy brown color which my husband and I really liked. The leaf design is simple and timeless. The April 2020 Wohven socks have a nice raindrop design that would be sure to attract attention and let others know that you have a great sense of style!

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