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Miss Muscle Box December 2020 Review + Coupon


Today, we are reviewing Miss Muscle Box for the first time!

Miss Muscle Box is a motivational fitness subscription box for women. You’ll get fitness apparel (normally a cute top or flattering leggings/shorts), treats, and workouts for only $22.99 per month! Plus, you’ll get an added dose of inspirations to get moving, get stronger, and be healthier! 

You’ll provide your t-shirt size and waist size and they’ll send you fitness clothing that fits! 

What you get: $60+ of fitness apparel, goodies, and workouts for only $22.99 + shipping. You’ll also get full access to exclusive recipes, workouts, giveaways and more!

Price: $22.99 / month (cancel anytime)

Shipping: $7 (US)

Ships to: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia

DEAL: Get 10% off your first Miss Muscle Box with this link and coupon code FIT10

Miss Muscle Box December 2020 Review

Miss Muscle Box ships their motivational goodies in a blue box.

miss muscle box december 2020 review 1

Miss Muscle Box gives you the opportunity to share your Miss Muscle Box and win a free box if you use the #missmusclebox hashtag!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 2

There is a card that highlights 2 of the products that are included in this box, although there are more products in the box!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 3

The back of the card tells me I have a 30-day trial to the Fit Bod mobile app, which gives you a month of personalized workouts!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 4

Miss Muscle Box also includes a 3-Month Winter Shred Challenge booklet – complete with exercises and number of reps, cardio plan, and eating regimen – which I can't wait to start!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 5

This 3-month challenge will help you stay motivated to workout this winter! It also aims to help you lost 10 pounds of fat, gain or maintain muscle mass, and be in amazing shape.

miss muscle box december 2020 review 6

Here's a view of some of the example exercises by day. I love seeing the variety of exercises and I love that most of these exercises can be done in my home gym!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 8

There are also some tips on how to incorporate working out into your day. I totally agree with #1 and getting an exercise buddy or group! When I've done this in the past, my workout buddy has kept me on schedule by guilting me into leaving my house to get to the gym. 🙂

miss muscle box december 2020 review 7

Now, let's get a closer look at the products in the box!

HyprMV Sweat Training Tee – Retail Value $30

miss muscle box december 2020 review 25

I really adore the color of this training T-shirt. I would say it’s a combination pink and coral color, which is a color I love to wear! The tee says “Just Sweat It” and it makes me just want to jump into a workout right now.

miss muscle box december 2020 review 16

The shirt itself is really light weight, comfortable, and seems breathable too. I really love long length T-shirts Especially when working out because they provide maximum coverage! This T-shirt is made with 73% polyester, 22% lycocell, and 5% elastane. 

miss muscle box december 2020 review 22

Scentuals Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Roll-On – Retail Value $14.99

miss muscle box december 2020 review 13

Sometimes I have stints where I don’t work out for a few weeks. Then that first workout really hurts because my muscles are sore all over. This aromatherapy roll-on is supposed to help with easing sore, aching muscles. It’s 100% natural and organic as well. It uses essential oils like juniper, rosemary, and thyme to improve circulation and reduce swelling and inflammation. It has a strong spicy scent, but provides that relief you need when you’re in pain from being sore!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 14

Shrewd Food Protein Dippers in Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate – Retail Value $5 for 2 packages

miss muscle box december 2020 review 9

These are chocolate protein balls that have only 150-160 calories per bag and 10g of protein! I am always on the hunt for tasty protein snacks because they are normally low-carb and they also keep me full for a while! These chocolate balls have only 14g of carbs and are free of preservatives, artificial flavors, nuts, and peanuts. The ingredient list is pretty simple – they contain real chocolate, cocoa butter, milkfat (which is milk), soy lecithin (an emulsifier), vanilla extract, and milk protein isolate. They were really good (kind of like eating Whoppers) and my boys really liked these milk chocolate balls!

miss muscle box december 2020 review 10

Mutant Protein Brownie Chocolate Fudge – Retail Value $2.92

miss muscle box december 2020 review 11

This soft-baked protein brownie packs a whopping 20g of protein! It has only 19g of carbs and is 220 calories. I typically eat a protein bar in the morning because it’s quick, and this could be a new bar/brownie in my rotation! 

miss muscle box december 2020 review 12

1 Month of Personalized Workouts on the Fit Bod App – Retail Value $9.99

We also got a 1-month trial of The Fit Bod app (normally $9.99/month). This app keeps your gym sessions fresh and fun by mixing up your workouts with new exercises and maximizing the use of your available equipment.

img 9317

The app tracks and helps you record how many reps and sets you do of each exercise they recommend for each workout. I love this! I used to carry a notebook around the gym (sounds a bit nerdy, doesn't it?) to record this kind of info.

img 9318

You also get to tell the app what equipment you have available in your gym (whether at a gym away from home or your own home gym), so your workouts will be based on the workout equipment you already have. My gym has free weights, a squat rack, and a bench.

img 9319

I am pumped to get started on recording my workouts on this app!

beachly winter 2020 review women 2

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for some extra motivation to get fit and keep your New Year’s resolution, Miss Muscle Box will give you that extra kick to workout in style – with some yummy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and help build muscle at the same time! I am really looking forward to using both the 3-month winter shred challenge and the 1 month of workouts in the Fit Bod App. I find that my Apple Watch has inspired me to move more everyday, and I could definitely use the help getting a little instruction to get moving with weight and cardio training!

Retail Value: The retail value of our box was $62.90! That’s more than twice the value of the subscription price of $22.99 per month. 

What do you think of Miss Muscle Box

Learn more about or subscribe to Miss Muscle box here! 

Miss Muscle Box Reviews

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